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Accommodation in the Finnish Archipelago

Örön Impilinna

Örö, Hiittis islands
5 + 2 beds, 2 bedrooms
55 m²

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Comfortable and cosy cottage apartment for year-round use, on the fortress island of Örö. Ideal for families and couples. The cottage is modern, well-furnished, and equipped. It is situated in a 200 meters distance from the historically valuable 12” barracks area and restaurant. Island can be reached by connection boat from Kasnäs in the summer, otherwise by taxiboat.

Price 150€ per day
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Örö Kasernhotellet

36 + 5 beds, 18 bedrooms


New and comfortable double hotel rooms built inside a historical 12" barrack building, on the Fortress Island of Örö. Situated right next a restaurant. The hotel has two rooms sizes, and some of the rooms can be combined into family rooms. The hotel has a lounge and lobby area and a conference rooms for 18 persons.

Price from 105€ per day
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