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Accommodation in the Finnish Archipelago



5 + 2 beds, 2 bedrooms
35 + 10 m², terrace

petsroad Ferries×2

Idyllic cottage with guesthouse and wood heated sauna, situated in peaceful surroundings by the woods. You can admire the sea from a top a tall rocke behind the cottage. 1,5 km to Galtby harbor, where you can leave for Åland, Houtskär and Norrskata. Easily reached by car and only 1 km from the bus stop.

< 500 m to beach, 1.5 km to store, 3.3 km to restaurant.

Fireplace, coal grill.

Fridge, gas stove.

Wood heated sauna, separate wood heated sauna.

Gas stove, gas fridge, sink, no running water (well water). Fireplace, solar panel. Terrace, coal grill (no coal included).

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